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Traditionally, many medical facilities and hospitals have used on-premise laundry systems believing it’s much more convenient to manage laundry in-house and is priced solely on the upfront investment in machinery, costs of labor and chemicals.

In truth, the various “below the surface” expenses associated with operating an on-premise laundry are often overlooked and therefore not considered, resulting in costs higher than bargained for.

Expenses like water consumption, energy, maintenance, and space are often missed when budgeting for laundry processing.

In the past, hospitals opted for in-house laundry processing systems to ensure total control over cleaning and that all processes were compliant with government regulations like OSHAs Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, many healthcare providers are now finding greater value in outsourcing laundry services.

Many laundry service providers have invested in becoming fully compliant with governmental regulations such as OSHAs Bloodborne Pathogens Standard and are certified to handle and process medical laundry.

This made it possible for many healthcare providers to reap the financial benefits of outsourcing laundry services without the worry of guest or staff cross-contamination.

Need Help With Hotel Laundry Service? Woodfield Laundromat Express Has Your Answer

With constant round-the-clock attention required to properly manage an in-house laundry facility in non-stop industries like healthcare, managing laundering requirements can cause extreme pressure on management and business budgets.

At Woodfield Laundromat Express, we provide full end-to-end commercial laundry service to help meet the laundering needs of businesses ranging from small restaurants to massive hotel chains.

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